Have a wonderful kimono experience in scenic Nikko! COCON NIKKO


Have a wonderful kimono experience
in scenic Nikko!

Have you considered walking around the popular sightseeing location of Nikko dressed in kimono?

You can come to our shop to get a total styling done by a professional kimono dresser,
a hairstylist and a photographer, and you don’t have to bring anything at all.
We’re sure you’ll enjoy this rental kimono trip produced by a popular kimono shop in Tochigi.


Plans and Prices

We have various plans according to the grade of kimono. You can choose one according to your budget and preference.

Rental Process

This covers the rental process starting from making a reservation through to the day of rental. Please feel free to apply.


Check here for directions to our shop.


Nikko is known as a leisure destination
for those wanting to escape the bustle of Tokyo.

It features the World Heritage Nikko Toshogu Shrine, the magnificent 100-meter high Kegon Falls,
and the healing Kinugawa Onsen Hot Springs where you can relax.

Wander around Nikko and explore its Japanese charm, including the history,
culture and nature, while dressed in beautiful kimono.

You can have an extraordinary experience, like being in a movie set.
In addition, you will get a special souvenir photo gift of you wearing a kimono, shot by a professional photographer.

A photo full of Japanese style will surely be your treasure as a memento of your trip.

Take a walk with the exotic backdrop of Nikko scenery
while dressed in kimono